Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Link to Good Jobs First

Please visit Good Jobs First if you would like to learn more about wal-mart and other related issues.

How big is the difference between men and women in jobs.

According to a wage gap study released last month by the U.S. Census Bureau,Experts do not dispute that a wage gap persists: A comparison of 1999 median salaries showed earnings of $110,000 for male dentists and $68,000 for female dentists; $70,000 for male pharmacists and $63,000 for female pharmacists; $17,000 for male cooks and $15,000 for female cooks; $20,000 for male teacher assistants and $15,000 for female teacher assistants. Wal-Mart is even worse with men making 9 dollars to every seven dollars that his female counterpart makes. This is not just outrageous its illegal. According to a recent article by the Beacon Journal, when women ask for training to become managers, they often times get turned down and told that they dont need to know how to become a manager. Finally there is a lawsuit against wal-mart and not only will it hurt wal-mart but possibly spark similar debates and lawsuits across the country, but only if women win the lawsuit. Please feel free to post your comment.

Friday, June 25, 2004

New articles published by Socialist Worker

Today the Socialist Worker online published three excellent articles on wal-mart. The first article is just about the many problems that wal-mart employees are facing. The second article is asking "can wal-mart be unionized" and the third article is a story of Rosetta Brown and how wal-mart has basically ruined her life. These articles are a must read. But I dont think that wal-mart could ever be unionized, which is why we have to stop it, now. Please post what you think.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

A real life story from a female worker at wal-mart

This story from the New York Times is just another of the many real life situations faced by female wal-mart workers, and how it is so hard for them to get a promotion.
Betty Dukes with Brad Seligman, one of the lawyers involved in her suit that accuses Wal-Mart of bias against women. Ms. Dukes has been a store greeter in Pittsburg, Calif.

More good news about the class action lawsuit!

Experts are saying that there are going to be changes with wal-mart and their discriminatory practices toward women because of this law suit. In fact some of them have already started! Read more about it on this article. Please feel free to post what you think about these changes and whether or not they are really going to be that much of an impact.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Here's a report on the biggest class-action lawsuit ever. Great news! The federal judge has now just ruled that 1.6 million former and current female workers can sue wal-mart for sex discrimination making this the largest class-action lawsuit on record. This will probably hurt sales at wal-mart, and popularize wal-marts already bad public appearance. There is also a soundclip from npr that you can listen to. Please post your message on what you think this lawsuit will do to wal-mart and its affects.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Nation: Will Labor take the Wal-Mart Challenge

I just read this article and thought that it is a very good and well written article about the struggles that unions face when battling wal-mart. But what I am thinking for this problem is that the unions have to band together to fight wal-mart. I think that if this doesnt happen soon then there is a very high chance that wal-mart could drive all the unions out of the retail businesses. Please voice your opinion on this problem facing unions.
See this recent article in The Nation.

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