Tuesday, June 29, 2004

How big is the difference between men and women in jobs.

According to a wage gap study released last month by the U.S. Census Bureau,Experts do not dispute that a wage gap persists: A comparison of 1999 median salaries showed earnings of $110,000 for male dentists and $68,000 for female dentists; $70,000 for male pharmacists and $63,000 for female pharmacists; $17,000 for male cooks and $15,000 for female cooks; $20,000 for male teacher assistants and $15,000 for female teacher assistants. Wal-Mart is even worse with men making 9 dollars to every seven dollars that his female counterpart makes. This is not just outrageous its illegal. According to a recent article by the Beacon Journal, when women ask for training to become managers, they often times get turned down and told that they dont need to know how to become a manager. Finally there is a lawsuit against wal-mart and not only will it hurt wal-mart but possibly spark similar debates and lawsuits across the country, but only if women win the lawsuit. Please feel free to post your comment.


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Ivan, why all the blank space after this post? Blog on!

June 29, 2004 at 10:01 PM  

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