Wednesday, August 11, 2004

New Anti-Wal-Mart ordinance by L.A. City Council!

According to CNN's recent article "Anti-Wal-Mart ordinance in LA", The LA city council is backing up an ordinance to ban all stores larger than 100,000 sq. feet! There have been numerous protests and strikes in that area when wal-mart was introduced by Grocery workers which has influenced this new ordinance. Hopefully other cities will agree and follow through with this ordinance. Please feel free to comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,i just thougth i would tell you wy i hate wal-mart.
last year just before thanksgiving i was in wal-mart with my family
and as we walk out of the store a
man who work as somesort of security stoped me and accused me of stealing he had me go back in the store and my family knowing better than that i would not steal came in defening me.
the man and the other man with him would not search my bag or coat even though i was willing to let them do so.
and when my mom told him i was in the bible trying to tell him i was not that kind of person he said to her
"yeah but your not are ya".
He was rood and meen to us and he said that i would be searched by a femal manger ,but my mom went back with me "THANK GOD",because i'm not sure what i would have done,i'm nervis around other people .
they took us to the back of the store to a small room and on the way back other people who worked there surronded us like we were terrorest,that was just so not needed because i didn't steal nothing!!!!!!!!!!!
the man who accused me of doing so didn't even have any proof and when we were in the back he had to leave and find what i was suppose to have taking from them.
and while we were there my mom kept tell them to call the police to view the security taps.
And they would not call the cops and when my mom asked the manager to view the taps she sead that she had better things to do then watch taps.
and she didn't even tell us she was a manager one of the guys in the room motion whith his eyes when my mom was aksing for a manager,she wasn't nice eather.
and when the security man came back he showed us a emty package for a pair of headphones for a cellphone,I DON'T EVEN OWN A CELLPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!.
And then when i was just a reck the man handed me a paper trying to get me to sign it and telling me i was not aloud back in any wal-mart,but my mom wouldn't let me sign it and said we were leaveing,and he said to me"THAT'S RIGHT ELIZABETH GO WITH YOUR MOTHER SHE'S IGNORANT".
WE left and there is so much more that happing like when a big manager for all the wa-marts around here called and told us that i wasn't on the taps they had nothing on me that i was aloud back in walmart and then after that the security mans boss called and said i was on the taps but it was over and they were not going to do anying.
but,like i said there is so much to tell you if it is possible could you E-MAIL us at TIGGAPOOH@HOTMAIL.COM and give us a number to call you we would appreiate it,thank you!!.

August 10, 2005 at 10:44 AM  
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